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Scottish Short Course Cross Country Championships

The Scottish 4K Cross Country Championship was first held at Pollok Estate, Glasgow on 17th January 1999. There was an U20 and Senior race for both men and women. In the first two years there was an U20 team race with 3 to count and the senior men's race was 6 to count with the Women's event being 3 to count. In the season 2001-2 the men's team race became 4 to count and in season 2015-6 the Women's team race was changed to 4 to count.

In 2011 the race was run in both January and November, its new permanant home for seasons 2010-11 and 2011-2 respectively. At the November race the outgoing SAL President, Alan Potts, presented two trophies, the President's Trophy and the President's Cup, for subsequent winners of the men's and women's championships respectively.

In 2013-4 Championships for U15s and U17s were introduced over 2K and 3K respectively. The event was renamed the Scottish Short Course Cross Country Championships.


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